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I suffered with brief periods of middle back pain for 4 years and relied upon Tylenol to stop the pain. Then last spring started experiencing periods of lower back pain. About 6 weeks ago, the lower back pain became so severe that I was having trouble walking upstairs and completing daily activities. That is when I started Chiropractic care to correct the problem instead of masking the pain with Tylenol.

I experience noticeable relief from the pain starting with the first visit and adjustment. Within 4 weeks my back had improved. After 2 weeks, I was no longer experiencing back pain and my back felt so much stronger. I now have been completely free of back pain for three weeks and look forward to continue therapy to strengthen my back so I can continue to be pain free for life.

Middle & Lower back painTony

I am 60 years old. I have been taking arthritis medication since I was 25 years old. When I came to the chiropractor, I was hardly able to walk. I had arthritis in my right knee and a bone spur on the inside of my left heel. Seven months prior, I had been seeing a foot doctor. He gave me a cortisone injection for the pain. The next day, I went to my arthritis doctor. He gave me a sugar test and it was over 500 resulting in no more cortisone injections for the pain. This was last December (1999). Also, 5 years ago my left knee was replaced. When they did the replacement of my knee, they straightened the leg out which made that leg about ½ inch longer than my right. This caused me to walk with a limp, which made my hips hurt.

So, in January, I decided to try chiropractic. I came in 5 days a week for the first 5 months. I cannot believe the difference. I now take no medicine at all. He got my right leg as straight as my left. No Surgery! No Limp! Now I go see my chiropractor once a week. I have no more pain. For the 1st time in the last 10 years I feel great. I have gone shopping for my 7 kids, their spouses, and my 20 grand children and 3 great grand-children. I can do my own housework, shop and decorate the Christmas tree.


I suffered with the pain for one week when my sister advised me to go to the chiropractor. My family doctor gave me some pain medicine and set me up for a MRI. The pain was so bad I could BARELY walk. I went to the chiropractor and felt better my FIRST visit.

I still have a little pain in my leg but nothing like when I first started. I canceled my MRI appointment. I got results a lot faster than I expected. My family doctor didn’t help me at all. I feel I have received excellent care.

Back PainLarry

I was in a motor vehicle collision when I was 18 years of age. 40 stitches in the head, a hospital stay, some drugs and continuous neck pain afterwards I was asked to come and see if Chiropractic and Rehab might help. Well it did and now I get to help others relieve themselves of their ongoing discomforts thru Chiropractic Health Care and education on how to continue their health.

Automobile AccidentJim

My right shoulder had bothered me for three years and now, I have been free of shoulder pain since my 4th visit. I am so excited about this healing! I find this place is a refuge... it's peaceful and loving and you feel it when you step in the door. I am excited about the changes that are happening.

I felt rather cynical at first. I hurt as I lay on the table and wondered, "How can this possibly help?" As the days passed, the pain lessened and I felt a slow release of fear. All my pain was from fear and I was shedding it. Now, when the tension starts to creep in (my shoulder). I'm willing to release it.

Free of Shoulder Pain

After five chiropractic visits , I am able to move my neck and spine in ways I didn't realize I was missing. I had felt tension in my neck and spine for a long time but had become accustomed to it as "normal." I now feel as though a huge knot has been untied and my body wants to stretch and breathe as never before. I look forward, enthusiastically; to vitality I haven't had in years.

Can move my neck and spineH. Patel

I had been injured at work and was unable to sit without being in tremendous pain. I went to the clinic on the recommendation of my brother. Through Dr Deschamps educating me and his treatments, within months I was able to sit without pain. But even more importantly, the fibromyalgia that I had been diagnosed with four years before and was being treated with DRUGS had diminished. I stop taking all my medicine and four months after I started getting adjustments I had absolutely no symptoms. My headaches stopped, my muscle pain stop, and I was sleeping through the night. I feel healthy and alive again. I feel light running through my body freely.

My Chiropractor kept my body flowing on itself. Chiropractors are not Gods and don't claim to be. But...they are angels. My chiropractor has helped me to make my life a healthy one and a much happier one.

Fibromyalgia and could not sit,Julie

While under care at this office, I have also noticed the following changes in my quality of life and ability to function and perform. Work doesn't stress me out much now and I laugh again with ease. I am much more peaceful overall. I find myself automatically stopping to stretch and relax my neck and shoulder at different points throughout the day.

Quality of LifeMartin